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Welcome to the page of Wolven Taxidermy. On this page you will see everything from frozen whole wild life to a completed project, and even some normal drawings and pictures along the way. This page belongs to me and my team, or in other words friends, we are dedicated, and professional with our commissions, accept no drama etc on this page. We offer commissions for taxidermy specimens from just a tanned pelt we have gotten over the years to full mounted pieces, we are not a business and do not profit, we just love taxidermy and don't have the funds to grab up pelts from everywhere just to mount nor do we have the space!!! A little about us as people, we love animals both dead and alive, and we respect them to the highest degree. No fur or animal is ever mistreated here. We do not kill animals for fun and we do not kill them for fur, our supplies come from hunters, roadkill (legally, Taken only) and from websites that offer fur as a product. We love art here of all kinds as well, and often trade, within reason, and we adore the chance to show people what we can do. I have in fact myself worked in a professional shop, and am very knowledgeable when it comes to many different species, but again this is NOT a business that makes profit it is for fun our name is just to reflect what we enjoy. So if you are thinking about taking us up on a commission ask away, we love the experience to work on things and make others happy or even if you just want to chat or trade let us know! We are not a business and that is reflected in our price, we don't profit very much if at all. We do not seek profit however, in case we need more materials than we thought we do add slightly more than needed to the price to ensure that we don't need to task for more money from you. We do not make profit, anything we sell is legal and we will not sell or work on products that are illegal to work on or possess, we are aware of our laws and the technicalities of them. We are not a business but rather friends who enjoy creating taxidermy and working on skins. We do not profit, any money left over from any commissions will be immediately put into getting supplies and does not go into our wallets.
Have a great day and thanks for reading about our page "Wolven Taxidermy!"
For those of you who don't want to read this great big mess of information. THOUGH I do recommend reading the other one. I understand some people don't have time. BUT this is about as short as I could get it
Here are the main points.


Don't buy it if you can't afford it, and don't send all your extra money for the month on it
if you do and an emergency happens.. you will have an issue. So make sure you have enough in reality.

Don't buy from someone if you have never seen their work before. This could result in paying a lot
for a bad job.

Make sure you do research and know your prices, or you may be ripped off. Sometimes not intentionally as
a lot of people on here do not know what things are worth and often over charge for something you really want
so don't give that power. There will always be other black yotes and pretty bobcats.

Make sure you don't buy from someone who will not tell you a single flaw. There is always a flaw. Make sure you know
before you buy. I don't think I need to tell you don't go over board asking for a million pictures of every inch is a pain
just get a front on view of leather side (this will show any holes the fur hides) and a picture of feet/tail/face if it is mountable.
its okay to ask questions just try not to over load on the person.

Have patience and be professional, mail is slow, people are slow it happens the most important thing is to have patience. Within reason, but seriously no one wants to deal with a grouch
The best thing you can do is try your best to be a professional.

ALWAYS read the fine print, read every tiny bit of that terms and conditions or you may be cruelly surprised by it when that person says you cant have your money back
or ends up with your skin.

Keep your receipt, messages etc. One to avoid misunderstandings and two well if the law must be dragged into it you will need them...
it happens sadly..But don't spread it around like its a disease no one will want to deal with you after a while if you do that.


And finely Make sure you don't buy from someone whos terms and conditions only protect the buyer.


Lots of notes for you..

STOP over charging do your research is my first bit, we are ALL guilty of this at some point or another its okay just as long as you fix it in future sales
over pricing can result in no one buying from you or worse a very angry customer who wants their money back because they just realized they got taken advantage of!
Put your prices right on commissions if you don't have the quality of a shop don't charge what they charge. they worked hard and even just after school they couldn't charge 450 for a ls yote. why? Because in taxidermy the price is based on quality.

Sellers i get it some of us need money fast.. BUT this is not the site to do it on many people can't afford 50% down a lot of times and this could result in you not selling it! You should never place hobby and commission work as a source of income its not stable enough!!!
This also may not be the best site for it. is often better for people wanting to pay in full.

Don't freak out when your buyer misses a payment life happens be understanding, I understand when someone misses several at that point do what you need to do via your terms and conditions.

Witch brings me to my next point NEVER start work on a commission before its paid for WHY?! because we are all losing at that point... all of us. If it fails to get paid for we lose are money or get sued
the buyers lose their furs and pretty work. you should follow a format: when money for pelt arrives buy pelt, when money for supplies arrives buy supplies, when money for work arrives do work. That way it shouldn't take more than a few days to do up and ship out.

Save all notes receipts and don't start paying your bills just yet, just in case something goes wrong!
In fact you should keep a journal even if its just so you don't get any ones projects confused!
I tag mine with numbers/names etc.

PROFESSIONALISM- Without it you lose out. Meaning taking your time to send things because you didnt feel like it that day is unprofessional. making rude remarks to others or slander is unprofessional. No one wants to deal with someone mean.

Make your terms and conditions protect the buyer as well.

Get a typed terms and conditions and make every customer agree to it when they want a commission.

Get tracking number and proper amount of insurance ie if that fox is worth 150 get 150$ worth of insurance on it its what is fair to your buyer and will make them less upset if something gets lost or damaged in the mail and It doesnt have to come out of your pocket!!!
and most importantly keep the tracking number even after you have posted it just in case.

dont have hidden fees i never thought id have to say that...

Be very clear with your buyers IE okay so you pay 150 for this coyote plus shipping 7.50 totaling 157.50 I will ship when i get it in. Be sure to be clear on all aspects not just what you're buyer is paying for.

Thats about as much as I can Sum it up I really recommend reading the whole thing but its okay for those of you who cant! hope this is short enough.

Also sorry if there are spelling errors I need to take my bf to the hospital and this was a lot to type bye. 


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